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4th Street Computer Hockey Support
Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "updateHK" link below will begin a download of the update to the 4th Street Hockey program. When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in the default game folder (C:\Program Files(x86)\4th Street Software\4th Street Hockey.  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 

Program Current Version Number Notes Click to Download
Date Posted
4th Street Hockey The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer. updateHK 10/8/2018  Automatically fixes game option to advance puck 1 zone during overtime (you may manually change it to 2 zones).  Annual release.  Notice that the program iteration system was changed to be more consistent with other 4th Street products.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Fixed an issue with "compile all scheduled games" function in the stats module.  Introduced an option to have puck advance 2 zones instead of 1 during 3-on-3 play. Modified code leading to too many assists for goalies. Corrected issue with scoreboard not always reflecting accurate total score. Corrected issue with goalies being pulled in out-of-hand situations. Fixed issue with the "touch-tracker" for assists. Fixed some code dealing with assists awarded by the "hybrid" method. Tweaked some instances of give-aways and take-aways being awarded. Tweaked code dealing with assists Annual release. Includes fixes for 3-on-3 OT, shootouts, and a few minor modifications to the player editor. 

If you experience errors occurring that are related to user permissions (administrative rights errors), please try the following fix posted by Microsoft Help: