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bulletUse the pitching, fielding, and hitting abilities of your players to dominate a game.
bulletBall park effects, defensive positioning
bulletPitch selection, pitch "guessing"
bulletCut-offs, throw-throughs, take the extra base
bulletIndividually rated hitters, fielders, pitchers
bulletA game where defense really counts

4th Street Baseball pits your ability to maximize your team's talents against your opponent's.

What Do I Get?


A full set of baseball player ratings which are perforated to 2.5" x 3.5" (the same size as a bubble-gum card)


Ball parks, printed on 8.5" x 11" card stock, for each team.  New ball parks are included with all game and/or season orders!


Dice, strategy cards, an easy-to-read results chart


Score sheets


Instruction booklets for both a basic version of the game and the standard version.

The entire instruction manual may be viewed by clicking here

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view of the board game.

Click here to download a sample game.  The game includes one ball park, two teams (about 25 players per team), a results chart, and the instruction manual for the basic version of the game, all in PDF format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you will need to download it, first.  (Acrobat is a free utility used to read PDF documents, made by Adobe Systems, Incorporated).

Printed Games, Seasons and Materials:

Order the 2017 season today! 

            Click here to order by mail.

Receive a 10% discount off of all orders over $50, 15% off all orders over $100 (excludes shipping and handling)!

Complete Baseball Board Game Price Season


Current Season (2017) $59.95 2017
Past Seasons
Retro Seasons
Season Sheets Only (includes ballparks!)



Current Season (2017) $49.95 2017
Past Seasons
Retro Seasons
Game Parts $15.95

Foreign Orders: Shipping costs will be calculated automatically at checkout.  Please e-mail us if you have further questions.

PDF Seasons...

Download and print seasons on your own paper or card stock, and save on shipping with these PDF downloads!  Each PDF file includes the same players ("regular" and "Xtra") and ballparks as our print versions sold above. 

Receive a 10% discount off of all orders over $50, 15% off all orders over $100 (excludes shipping and handling)!

Description Price Order
2017 Season v2 $34.95

2016 Season v2 $29.95

2015 Season v2 $29.95

2014 Season v2 $29.95

2013 Season v2 $29.95

2012 Season v2 $29.95

2011 Season v2 $29.95

2010 Season v2 $29.95

2009 Season v2 $29.95

2008 Season v2 $29.95

2007 Season v2 $29.95

2006 Season v2 $29.95

2005 Season v2 $29.95

1982 Season* v2 $24.95

1975 Season v2 $24.95

1963 Season v2 $24.95

1962 Season v2 $24.95

1961 Season v2 $24.95

1960 Season v2 $24.95


*Season was developed in partnership with Bill Vogt

Score Sheets:

4th Street now has an online score sheet generator!  Pick your season, pick your teams, choose your lineups and pitchers, and voila...a printable score sheet is ready in seconds!  The program even includes a calendar holding links for all the games played on each date!

You can print out as many of our score sheets as you like!  Just click here to begin.

Don't have a printer?  We'll print them for you and send you them for just $3.75 per 25, plus shipping.

Baseball Score Sheets $3.75 for 25

Xtra Players:

"Xtra Players" are those who played during a season, but did not attain enough at bats or innings pitched to be included in the regular set.  The cut-offs to be eligible for inclusion is 30 at bats or 10 innings pitched.

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
2010   2009    2008    2007    2006    2005   
       1963 1962  1961  

OR you can order the player ratings on perforated card stock below for just $7.95 a season:

Xtra Players

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