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The game just got better...
bulletUse the pitching, fielding, and hitting abilities of your players to dominate a game.
bulletBall park effects, defensive positioning
bulletPitch selection, pitch "guessing"
bulletCut-offs, throw-throughs, take the extra base
bulletIndividually rated hitters, fielders, pitchers
bulletA game where defense really counts
bulletRoster management
bulletAutomatic stats compiler, stats editor

The newest 4th Street computer game is here!  4th Street Computer Baseball pits your ability to maximize your team's talents to win games.

Based on 4th Street Baseball, the board game, the computer version simplifies and speeds up game play without losing any of the flavor of the board game.  Read the basic instruction manual for the board game to learn more about how the board game plays.   Here is a digital version of the computer game instruction manual.  There are more video tutorials posted on the support page to help you through some of the options available in the game.

Download a demo of the game (an activation code can be purchased below) by clicking here.

All seasons created prior to 2017 will include two player files; a "version 1" (v1) file, which contains the original player ratings, and a "version 2" (v2) file, which will be the standard format going forward.  Use the v1 file if you'd like to play the game in "helper" mode with card sets purchased before 2018...that is, cross-referencing the play on your computer with your player cards.  The v2 file will give more accurate results, and includes a few ratings that were not available until recently, and will be compatible with any player cards purchased in 2018 or later.


Game orders include the 2016 All Star teams, free of charge!

Click here to order by mail

Receive a 10% discount off of all orders over $50, 15% off all orders over $100 (excludes shipping and handling)!

Baseball Computer Game on CD-ROM Price Season


4th Street Computer Baseball CD-ROM
(includes 2016 All Star teams)
$39.95 2016 All Stars
Season Files Only



Current Season (2017) $29.95 2017
Past Seasons



Baseball Computer Game Download Price Season Order
4th Street Computer Baseball Download
(includes 2016 All Star Teams)
$34.95 2016 All Stars

Activation Code for Demo $34.95 2016 All Stars

(more links below will be added as the version-2 files are created)
Description Price Order   Description Price Order
2017 Season $24.95

2016 Season $19.95

  2015 Season $19.95

2014 Season $19.95

  2013 Season $19.95

2012 Season $19.95

  2011 Season $19.95

2010 Season $19.95

  2009 Season $19.95

2008 Season $19.95

  2007 Season $19.95

2006 Season $19.95

  2005 Season $19.95

1982 Season $19.95

1975 Season $19.95

        1963 Season $19.95

1962 Season $19.95

  1961 Season $19.95

1960 Season $19.95


Video Walk-Throughs

bullet Introduction
bulletBallpark Editor
bullet Lineups and Settings
bullet Team Management
bullet Pitching Rotation Editor
bullet Schedule Editor
bullet Making New Organizations
bullet Game
bullet Updating the Program

Minimum System Requirements

bulletWindows 7 SP-1 or higher operating system
bullet4 GB RAM
bulletAt least 1 GB available hard drive space
bulletCD-ROM (for installation only.  Download installation also available)
bulletMicrosoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 (included on CD or via free download from Microsoft)



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